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Tremors, snow & the Anchor jam

Wisconsin weather – whatcha gonna do? But two good night at Tremors and as always, thanks to everyone who stopped out. Hard to believe the snow on Saturday, but it was still a decent night. We had talked about attempting a few “unrehearsed” songs this week, but opted to wait. “Start a Band” is starting to fall into place; played for the 1st time at Tremors. We “tweaked” a few of our stage settings after Friday and had a noticeable improvement Saturday, which made the night even more enjoyable. Bob is talking about another drum set as he’s not totally happy with his sound. It’ll be interesting to see what he shows up with next Saturday at Knutes. My Saturday lesson with Bob (not our Bob) went well, as did the jam at the Anchor. We’ve never practiced, but have played together enough now to where it’s sounding better. Thanks to Cyndi, Steve Peck, and Scott Vogel for getting up to play. Next Saturday it’s back to Knutes for a one-nighter. Knutes is a smaller setting, but we always have a good time. Stop out and say hello and we’ll see you there!

Brooklyn / Anchor Jam

I’d like to thank Matt for bringing Stacy and Laurie to the Brooklyn job. At least we had some fans there! The job went okay but there was never quite enough excitement generated as hard as we tried. All said, it went well and the weather cooperated this year. Cyndi commented that it felt like a while since we had played as each of was having “how does that song go” problems. I practice the songs and solos often between jobs but sometimes it still happens. Jason mentioned that he hadn’t smoked in three weeks. Let’s hope he sticks with that. I should stop chewing my nails – if he can quit his habit, I should be able to quit mine, although I’ve been a “biter” as long as I’ve had teeth…Next week it’s back to Tremors and we’re all excited to play there again. We talked about trying some “new/old” songs, but we’ll see  how that goes when the time comes. Sunday is the Anchor Inn jam from 3 -7 so it’ll be a busy weekend for me. But it’s all playing and what I signed up for. We’ll see you this weekend!

Owl’s Club / Anchor Jam

A one-nighter at the Owl’s and it felt good to play again. I’ve done a few jobs with the jam band, but I missed the band songs. The surprise of the the night was John on stage proposing to Kami. No speech, or build up to the question, just down on the knee, and, “Kami, will you marry me?” That’s John, right to the point. The bad news was Wendell’s car was hit in the parking lot. Twice that’s happened to me, but neither was real bad. It sucks though. Holly and I have both been a little sick lately, mine due to being too busy and trouble sleeping. The jam at the Anchor, although fun, was rough as I “lost it” before the job and again on the way home. Cyndi stopped out and did her thing. Cary might be going to Georgia to work for a few months, and I don’t know what that’ll do to the jam if he does. It’ll all end this summer as the Anchor already has the summer schedule booked. We’ll see, but it’s back in two weeks for now. The next band job is the snowmobiler’s fundraiser in Brooklyn next Saturday. It’s open to the public and we’ve done this job for a number of years now. Another place with good popcorn! My student, Bob, bought a “top of the line” gold-top Les Paul. After  I wiped my drool off of it, I told him it wasn’t right for a student to have a nicer guitar than the teacher! Although, I still really enjoy playing my Peavey Jack Daniels guitar. People often compliment the sound and ask what it is. I guess it’s just what feels right to you…Anyway, stop out to Brooklyn for a good time next Saturday. We’ll see you there!

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