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Knutes, Downtime, Anchor Jam

Two good nights at Knutes and thanks to all who stopped out. As you’ve probably already seen in the guest book, the Owl’s double-booked Saturday and we were the band dismissed. The band gives a big “way to go Cyd” for talking Knutes into a 2nd night. Actually, not having to tear down or set up didn’t bother any of us and we had a decent weekend. I thought the band played well and the new song was much better. A couple of birthday parties and familiar faces also made for a good time. Now it’s some down time again with a couple of weekends off. I’ll be playing this Sunday at the Anchor Inn from 3 – 7. Hopefully, that’ll be fun. Holly and I are talking about a mini-vacation the following week as: no band – no jam. Awkward moment Friday night – I was checking the condition of my guitar picks earlier this week and must have forgot to put them back in the case. Fortunately Jason had a few extra – even the kind I use. I was worried for a while. It looks like the next time we  play will be at the Owl’s on March 14th – seems like a long time. Feel free to stop at the Anchor on Sunday and we’ll see you at the Owl’s in March.

UAW, Bday, New Song, Anchor Jam

We had a good time and turnout at the UAW Valentines dance. I think the hit of the night was the popcorn and all the choices of seasonings. I’ll have to get some of those! Trevor set up most of the light show and I think it was the 1st time we’ve ever done that at this place. Jason’s Bday was Sunday, so we were celebrating that as well. He’s now 29 and will have a big one next year. Make sure you wish him a good one next time we’re out. We added “Start a Band” (Brad Paisley/Keith Urban) on Saturday. It’s quite challenging for me as there are a lot of guitar parts. I worked on this steady for 3 weeks just to get it down. The debut was fair and I’m hoping it’ll tighten up as we play it more. We’re at Knutes next Friday and the Owl’s Club on Saturday. It’ll be a lot of setup/teardown but should be fun.
The Anchor jam was a good time too as there were more jammers out this time. Sully, former Blue Olives drummer, did a nice job. It’s challenging and fun to play with different players. Being house lead guitarist keeps me on my toes! The next will be in two weeks. The jam runs from 2 – 6. So anyway, stop out to Knutes and the Owl’s this weekend and again wish Jason a goodbye to his youth! Just kidding – see you there!

Junction Pub

What a great night at the Junction Pub and thanks to all who stopped out. This was the 1st time for us in the bar area and it was a lot of fun. Although the emotions were a little mixed with Deb losing her father, Bonnie losing Bob, and Cyndi’s mom in the hospital. Bonnie, and the Brookins gang were all out Saturday and it was one of those “what can you say” moments. Cyndi and Bryan have both been busy doing what they can for Linda, Cyndi’s mom. Our Bob had a nasty fall from a ladder and hurt his hand – could’ve been a lot worse. It was actually fortunate we had the time off as Bob would not have been able to play, and Cyndi has been emotionally preoccupied worrying about her mom. But I think the band was ready to return and have a good time. I hope this is regular place for us. Also good to see our former road sound man, Charlie Gallagher out. Next  Saturday has us at the UAW for a Valentine’s dance and I’m assuming this is open to the public. I’ll be at the Anchor Inn on Sunday afternoon for the jam. I’d like to say a happy Bday to my niece, Jessie, who had her golden birthday on January 23rd. I felt bad for letting it slip by, but wanted to at least acknowledge her here. She and her dad, Willie, were both out Saturday. I’ve been locked in the basement working on a new song that I hope we’ll add soon – keeps the old guy going. Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day and hope to see you at the UAW.

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