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Owl’s, Down time, and Bday

Once again Cyndi beat me to it but a good night at the Owl’s club. Fridays had been fair and I understand why Tammy dropped them. Better to play one good night I guess. Tim had a work call so Trevor ran the lights, sound, and webcam. Jason did a “pre-mix” of the band and pretty much had us dialed in. We have a stretch of down time now which is a real bummer. I’ll probably hit the jam to get some playing in. Actually, I was asked to play a jam at Kelly’s Bleachers 2 on the the 26th. We’ll see how that goes. The owner plays trombone at the Wednesday jam I go to. The band came up, but he hasn’t said any more about it and I haven’t pushed the subject – maybe I should! There’s a possibility of again hosting an “every other” Sunday jam at the Anchor Inn which could start mid-Feb. Again, we’ll see. And yes, I’ll be (even) older the next time we play. It looks like my Bday will be long past the next time we’re in public. Anyway, thanks to all who came out Saturday and keep an eye on the schedule. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon.

Tremors – Customer Appreciation Weekend

Just got in from shoveling….again. We had a great weekend at Tremors. Check out the pics on our Myspace site. It was “customer appreciation day” and a good turnout. Russ Wallace and Jamie Cox were out from the 2 Left Feet band. I told Jamie one of the amps I bought was based on how good he sounded one night at the Countryside. Russ has filled in on bass a number of times. The band had a good night too. Jason is using a better mic and the vocals are getting stronger. The new song,”Fine Line” hasn’t quite caught on yet, but our revival of “Go Your Own Way” and “All Summer Long” are going over well. It’s just Saturday night at the Owl’s this week. Hopefully, it’ll be a good time. I’m back in the basement working on some new stuff so the work never ends. We’ll see you at the Owl’s Club.

New Year’s & the future of the Countryside

Another year over and time to writing ’09. New Year’s was a great turnout and thanks to all who brought in the new year with us. I recognized a lot of faces, including former members Rick Mattelig and Denny Wayne. Rich fed the band, which included our significant others, and then we played 8:30 – 12:30. Bruce provided the sound and lights and having two bands worked quite smooth. We’re a little spoiled with our own (Tim’s) equipment as we had trouble hearing ourselves on stage. The other band, End Fight Scene, EFS, also had the same problem. After we finished and packed, we stuck around to hear the other band. They’re very popular in the area and it was the first time I’ve ever heard them. I was quite impressed at the level of musicianship and surprised that I knew a lot of the songs. I stayed till  about 3:30 and called it a night. Rich likes this band and now demands all bands follow their format of no slow songs, which might be okay if your crowd is all singles and under 25. When asked about the regular couples that follow us and like an occasional slow song, Rich’s answer was, “I don’t care about them. They don’t drink enough or stay anyway.” Of course, these are the same people that come out for his Friday night buffet. We followed this “house rule” the last Saturday we played, and I knew people were just waiting for a belly rubber. But not wanting to defy him and cause problems, we played all fast songs. On New Year’s, I said to heck with this rule, and we filled the floor with 3 slow ones just  in the first set. Not being comfortable with this “band rule”,  we’ve decided not to book there anymore. I can’t blame him for knowing what he wants, but it’s just not for us, or for the people who follow the band. We’re off this weekend, and then it’s back to Tremors on the 9th – 10th. See you there!

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