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Countryside – The Jam – New Year’s

A little slow at the Countryside, but not a bad night. I thought the band was really solid, which I enjoyed. The weather turned ugly as the night went on and it was not a fun ride home – glad I didn’t have far to go. I’ll say for now that we did follow the “no slow song” format Saturday. I’m going to assume this is not the case for New Year’s. I’ll have more to say on this subject in the next entry. Some disappointing news on the Bubba D’s jam – the organizer of the jam has been hiring a friend of his to do the guitar work. Even though I did a good job, it’s another case of who you know. But it was a good time, and I’ll probably still look for a side job. New Year’s has us back at the Countryside where another sound company will be running things. Rich is having another band play after we finish and this will make the stage transition quicker. No complaints here – we’re getting fed, done earlier, and won’t have as much to tear down. Holly decided to stay in Milwaukee and will spend the night with a few friends. I told her I’ll have to kiss Bob at midnight…On another note, my student is making progress and I’m enjoying teaching again. I may take more students, but again, am not in a hurry. Anyway, we’re hoping for a good night on New Year’s. Hard to believe it’s 2009. I’m still not used to it even being 2000 yet…See you at the Countryside.

Owl’s Club (What’s in an ad), keepin’ it fast, & Sheri

A little slow at the Owl’s this weekend. We weren’t even sure we were going to play Friday, but wound up playing most of the night. My dad always leaves the Milton Courier and the Kicks section out for me to read when I get in. Come to find out we weren’t advertised at all for Friday, and Saturday was listed as karaoke. What a bummer! But thanks to those who did stop out. Saturday was small crowd, but everybody stayed the night and we had a good time just the same. The Owl’s is going to cancel Fridays at least until spring. I can’t blame them. Saturday night has us back at the Countryside where the “no slow songs” issue has come up again. We’ll probably have to follow that format so be warned. I’m assuming we can play some on New Years. We have not booked the Countryside for next year and we’ll see how that goes. Between that, the Owl’s, and everybody’s busy schedules, it’s hard to say how much we’ll be playing next year. Maybe I’ll need a side project… Personal story: Matt’s and my younger sister, Sheri, can solve the Rubiks Cube, from any starting point, in about 10 minutes. She’s been studying and practicing for about a month and displayed her new ability at our family Sunday brunch. Very impressive! Anyway, stop out to the Countryside and keep your fast dancing shoes on! See you there.

Forget Me Not Christmas Party

Being off on Friday night, I took some time to organize for Saturday. Practice the new song some more, choose lesson material, get clothes ready, etc. I was feeling a little relieved having prepared for a busy day. On the drive over I realized I hadn’t brought copies of our Christmas songs. I called Cyndi, who had extra copies. After the lesson I couldn’t find my gloves. I was sure I had them after spending the early morning shoveling. I stopped at the hardware to buy new ones (with my lesson money) only to call Holly and find out I had left them home. Practice went well and we added “A Fine Line” by Little Big Town. After bringing in the equipment in for the Christmas party, I went to the car to get my dress clothes only to realize I hadn’t brought my pants – just shirt and tie. Not being sure what would fit best, Matt just happened to bring two pairs of pants. One just fit me and the band did look dressy for the party. The only other issue was that we thought we were covered on break music only to find out we didn’t have the adaptor to make the connection. But despite all the forgetfulness, it was a good day. The lesson, practice, and the Christmas party went well.  We took a crew over to Lake Lawn Lodge which included: Hannah, Angie, Stacy, and Laurie. Dinner was great and we had fun reminiscing old band stories – and now adding some new ones!  It wasn’t a big crowd, but I think everyone had a good time – we did. We’re off this weekend and then it’s back to the Owl’s. Stop out and have a good time. We’ll see you there!

Countryside, Owl’s Club & Bubba D’s

An okay night at the Countryside on Wednesday – thought it might be a little busier, but not bad and thanks to all who came out. But, a pretty good weekend at the Owl’s Club. I think there were more people out due to the holiday weekend, but either way it was a good time. Matt already has some pics up on our Myspace site so be sure to check that out….and see what you missed! We’re at a private party this Saturday and having a practice too. New song and time to bring out the Christmas songs. This is a good job for us, but loading in and out is a real pain. Fortunately, they have large carts that they let us use. I was back at Bubba D’s for the jam on Sunday and had a good time. You never know what you’re going to play next and I like the spontaneity and challenge of that. Hopefully I’ll be called again. And I’ve taken on a student, so I am teaching. I might add more but we’ll see. It’s all keeping me pretty busy so we’ll how it goes. Looks like we’re off the following week with a return to the Owl’s before Christmas. So take a break from your Christmas shopping and stop back to the Owl’s on the 19th & 20th. See you there!

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