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Deer Widow’s Weekend @ Tremors

Cyndi beat me to it but yes, it was a good deer widow’s weekend at Tremors. Check out the “revealing” slide show on our Myspace site. I thought the band did a great job. We ran some new set lists which kept everything moving and everyone was in top form. Tim’s new monitors made a big difference and especially helped with my voice as it was easier to sing and not go hoarse. No fights or trouble all weekend even with a full house. Let me say that Tremors does not have a bad reputation and the bouncers are always right there if anything should start. On Sunday afternoon, Tim, Cyndi, and I went to Hammys to see Kaj Anderson play with a band called “The Love Handles”. Long-time area musicians Mark and Shawna Schultz were also part of the group. Cyndi and I sat in for a couple and then headed out. Well, this week it’s some moving around with Wednesday at the Countryside and then over to the Owl’s for the weekend. It’s a few trips to Milwaukee and back for me, but I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. Enjoy the holiday, eat too much, and then dance it off with the band. See you this weekend!

Countryside 11/14 11/15

Two good nights at the Countryside. Saturday was the best with numerous birthdays, including Kelly, Rich’s wife. There were a lot of regulars out and good to see everybody.  I’m assuming it was a combination of Jason and Trevor’s efforts as we had a few more lights up and the stage moved forward, which all looked really cool. A big addition to the stage sound was provided by Tim, who purchased new floor monitors. These are the speakers we use to hear ourselves and the sound was noticeably improved. Thanks Tim. Another note – I read in the paper that the Bubba D’s jam was back on last Sunday – but I wasn’t called. I was told they were going to rotate guitar players and that I wasn’t playing this one…bummer. But speaking of side jobs – a few people have asked if I gave lessons. I haven’t taught since moving to Milwaukee in ’95, but I’m toying with the idea of Saturday lessons as I’m in town anyway…we’ll see. On a sad note, our webmaster, Greg, lost his father recently and our thoughts go out to him and Bonnie. It’s deer widow’s weekend at Tremors, which should be way too much fun. Stop out and say hello. See you there!

Halloween at the Owl’s

Two good nights at the Owl’s Club with costumes both nights. Check out the photo gallery on the home page for pics. Can’t say enough about the work put into the stage setup – probably the most elaborate Halloween stage ever imagined. Bob did the bulk of the work with help from Angie, Trevor, and Cyndi. The band was in costume all  weekend and had good crowds both nights. We had a lot of fun and hope everyone that came out did too. Jessie Aron was out both nights and sang a few Elvis tunes – I see Trevor added these to our UStream site, which you can link to from here in the lower right corner under links. Check out Matt’s “Monster Mash” while you’re there – really something to see. I was a little disappointed that the Budda D’s jam was cancelled on Sunday – after I’d already showed up. It happens I guess. We’re off this weekend and time to do some more “winterizing” around the house – yay. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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