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Tremors: pre-Halloween / Jam @ Budda Ds

Not a bad weekend at Tremors. I was a little concerned that people would be saving it for Halloween, but the crowds were good. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out. Musically, I think the band had a better night on Friday, but both nights overall went well. Former drummer Dan Steinke was out Saturday night and sat in for few songs. Dan is a “hard hitter” and even broke one of Bob’s sticks. I hope he at least bought Bob a drink…We had a combination bachelor / bachelorette party early Saturday night which made for full house and played “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” as a wedding song for both. I see that Trevor has a couple of new videos from Saturday night up on the UStream site. Next weekend it’s back to the Owl’s for Halloween. We’ve played there a number of years and it’s always a good time. Holly, her friend Erin, and I will all be out Friday in costume and are looking forward to a fun night. Problem is that Halloween is on Friday, but the main party is on Saturday – do we dress up both nights? Maybe I’ll have to dig out another costume for Saturday….we’ll see. On Sunday afternoon , I’ll be at the jam at Bubba Ds in Indianford. If you sing or play feel free to stop out. Anyway, should be a fun weekend and we’ll see you there! Boo!

Countryside / Calling songs

A pretty good weekend at the Countryside. The Milton High School class of 1993 held their 15th reunion Saturday night which made for good time. We even had the bartenders dancing on the bar both nights. Matt’s and my parents were out on Saturday and had some fun. The jam at Bubba D’s was interesting as we started at 11:OO am and played up to starting time of the Packer game. Usually playing that early on a Sunday morning means being in church. I’m hoping to be forgiven for that…I’m back at the jam again in two weeks. Here’s an issue I’d like to bring up – deciding what to play. As most of you know, we play a little differently at some places depending on the crowd, especially at starting time. I feel it’s our job to play for who’s in the room. And granted, a bar owner is hiring us and has some say as to what he or she is paying for. Without getting too specific – an owner hires a “younger” band and has a good night. The band plays all fast songs – no slow ones. Owner decides we should follow the same format, regardless what the makeup of the crowd is. This translates to the owner not only telling us no slow songs, but even getting specific as to what other songs should not be played. The instructions are to ignore an older crowd at the start because they’re not going to drink that much anyway. One night, we went most of the 1st set without a slow song and nobody danced. I knew the crowd was waiting for a slow one and called one anyway, ignoring our “instructions”. Of course, the floor was packed and I decided we were going to play what I felt was right for us and the people who came to see us. My thinking is, if you want that kind of band, then only hire those kinds of bands. We can adjust to a crowd, but this is telling us to be something we are not. 32 years and it’s not broke. It’s like the  person  in a relationship who feels it’ll work out once they “change” the other person – and we all know the end of that story. Now you know what’s up my ass this week! Next week it’s back to Tremors where it’s always a good time. Tim will be back and Trevor will be running the web cast on Saturday. We’re still selling the t-shirts if you don’t have one. See you at Tremors!

Knutes / Summer’s Pub

This weekend was a lot of fun, but let me start off by again wishing happy Bday to Earl and Nina. I regret not making more of situation this weekend but I’ll say it here. We had a good crowd both nights which made for some good times. It was just us (no Tim or Trevor) Friday night at Knutes, and the band had a nice sound. There wasn’t any break music so Jason cleverly wired his phone into the system and solved the problem. “I hope nobody calls me!” made us all chuckle. On Saturday, Trevor was back and did a fine job on sound and lights. But the credit again goes out to Jason, who brought a PA setup smaller, but similar to Tim’s. He and Trevor set things up and had us dialed in with a sound everyone was pleased with. My voice was having problems again ( I think a pulled a vocal muscle) so Jason and Cyndi covered the bulk of the vocals. My guitar sounded good so I contributed the best I could. Side note stuff – somebody in Milwaukee tore or cut off the end of my license plate to steal the sticker. I’m still working on getting that resolved. What a pain…Matt’s partner at work hurt himself skateboarding, so Matt is working some hellacious hours these days. Anyway, we’re hoping to keep the good times rolling back at the Countryside this weekend. Wish Nina and Earl a good one if you see them – and we’ll see you there!

Johnny’s Office & the jam continues

An okay night at Johnny’s Office and thanks to all who came out. We were trying to generate some excitement, but not a lot of reaction until later in the night. Bob bought another drum set – this one is easier to play but still sounded good. I’ve been playing my Jack Daniels  guitar for awhile now and for the same reason. Trevor had his hands full with the sound, lights, and webcam, but everything seemed to work fine. Next week is 2 one-nighters with Friday at Knutes in Orfordville, and then Saturday back at Summer’s Pub (the former Pitcher’s Mound) in Beloit. We had fun the last times at both of these places and we’re looking forward to more! The jam at Bubba D’s (Indianford)  is still going and it was a fun Sunday afternoon. No jam this Sunday, but we’ll be back in two weeks. I also hit the blues jam on Wednesday here in Milwaukee, so it was a lot of playing this week for me. It’s good to enjoy what you do…Holly and I tried on our Halloween costumes tonight so we’re all set for that – and I didn’t grow a beard this year. A personal odd story – last night I dreamt the dog had “defecated” numerous times in the house. I don’t spank the dog, but in my dream, I was quite upset and had his nose in it and started to spank. I woke up to Holly yelling at me for slapping her on the arm….funny how the mind works. Anyway, stop out this weekend and say hello. See you there!

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