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Countryside / Jam & other stuff

I’d say a decent weekend at the Countryside. Saturday had a full dance floor right up to quitting time and thanks to all who stopped out. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock and brought back “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. Both songs went over well, especially the Kid Rock song. Overseeing the music end, it’s my job to know the ranges of the vocals. I knew that the Kid Rock song had spots that were going to be at the top end of Jason’s range and had a few doubts he’d be able to pull it off. But, he did fine and I was happy to be wrong. A few years ago this may have been the case, but his voice has gotten stronger over the years. The jam on Sunday was slow and we quit early. There was no mention of next week and I have my doubts that it will continue. But whatever the case, I had a good time and got to play with some friends for the first time.
On another subject, I do keep this section on a positive note. Every band goes through decisions and situations that need compromise and cooperation by all members to keep going. We’re no different and overall better off than a lot of the stories I hear. This section will not be used as a band gossip column as I feel most issues are just between us. If something is important enough or affects public opinion, such as the Countryside situation, I might bring it up. There’s a rumor mill around most situations, but it’s not something I care to promote. Let’s just say that communication is the key to everything and I’m proud to say that we’ve resolved many issues by keeping the lines open. It is like a marriage at times and we get to know each other probably too well, but I believe we all know we have a good thing and that holds us together. Enough said about that.
So we’re off Friday and then it’s a return to Johnny’s Office, (the old Mo’s  Pub) outside of Edgerton, on Saturday. Stop out and say hello. I’d also like to send a happy 38th out to Ken (Elvis) Fraser, who has followed, and sang with the band for many years. Wish him a good one next time he’s out. See you at Johnny’s Office! 

Tremors & the jam

Two good nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. Trevor, Bob, and I were all sporting the new Tshirts on Saturday and hopefully we’re still selling them. The new Sugarland song went over well and got quite a few dancers. I thought we were practicing Saturday afternoon and was ready for a couple of new songs, only to be informed that practice was moved to next week. So I went down to Hammy’s, expecting an afternoon jam session and wound up at a benefit with Kaj playing with the Manberries. It was fun to see them again. It’s odd that I’ve been thinking that I haven’t seen Tim Pogorelski in a while. I was even planning on stopping at Boxcars on my drive home, and lo and behold, he was out this weekend and even played a few. Maybe Cyndi’s “secret” does work….Sunday afternoon again found me at Bubba D’s playing the jam. It was a good turnout with even Cyndi and Corey showing up. Cyndi had to leave but Corey played bass on a couple. Next week we’re at the Countryside and I’m playing the jam once more. It’s a long weekend for me as I leave Milwaukee after work on Friday night and get back late on Sunday. Holly is being understanding for now…and I managed just enough daylight after work Monday to mow the yard. Anyway, stop out to the Countryside this weekend and say hello. Hopefully, we’ll have some new tunes. See you there!

Owl’s Club & Jam @ Bubba Ds

Monday night and the Packers just won. Cyndi beat me to it but an okay weekend at the Owls. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned the new Sugarland song “All I Want to Do” which went over quite well. The band sounded good and we had a fun time. My voice was feeling better on Saturday too and I did a handful of songs. The only down side, also mentioned by Cyndi, was a few bad remarks in the chat section of the webcast. I’ve been told this is not the first time, and it’s probably to be expected, but frustrating any way you look at it. We could close the chat section if this gets too out of hand, but hopefully it won’t come to that. But for now it’s a weekend off and time to think about other things. I did a little moonlighting on Sunday afternoon at Bubba Ds in Indianford playing in the jam band. Former member Cary Farmer is the other guitarist and asked me to play. I had a great time and was asked back for the next one in two weeks – the Sunday after Tremors. Holly and I are thinking about possibly getting away for few days being that we’re off. Sounds like a good idea to me being that we haven’t had any sort of a vacation in a few years. Wednesday night will most likely find me at the blues jam, and then we’re back to Tremors on the 19th – 20th. And Holly taped the CNN segment form Meyers market. I remarked that they probably saw “the Great Pumpkin” from the interstate which it seems is what happened. Very cool…Anyway, rest the dancing legs a bit and then come to see us at Tremors. See you there!

Bus to Rockford, Crazy Horse, and newlyweds

After all the trouble last week, we were ready for a good time. Rich Longhenry, a neighbor of Cyndi and Bryan, and friend of the band, bought one of Hank William Jr’s old tour buses and drove us to On the Waterfront in style. It was a lot of fun and thanks to Rich for the driving. Jason was back and the band was well received. It was an afternoon job so we had the evening free. Most of us went out to the Anchor Inn to see Pink Houses. It was a first for me and I was quite impressed with them. After they quit, I went down to Tremors to see Decade of Rock, or something like that. The bass player was someone I knew from school and I enjoyed them too. It’s different for me being at Tremors watching another band as I’m usually back in Milwaukee when we’re done. Sunday had us back at Crazy Horse campground and we had a good time there. The weather was perfect all weekend and we had a good crowd. We’re still pushing the new Tshirts if you haven’t got one yet. They’re only $10.00 which is quite cheap for a shirt these days. And, as mentioned in the guest book, Bob and Angie were married in Las Vegas, so we have a newlywed in the band. It’s back to the Owl’s Club next weekend and we’re again hoping for a good turnout. Stop out, say congrats to Bob and Angie, get a shirt, and do some dancing! We’ll see you there.

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