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Countryside and voice trouble

Well, another one for the books….As you know Jason was on vacation this weekend, and with some practice, cheat sheets, and a set list that didn’t look too bad, the plan was set. Except that my voice went hoarse on Friday night and wouldn’t recover. Fortunately, Cyndi and Matt were okay and took care of the night. Cyndi, who did most of the singing, was hoarse on Saturday. Fortunately on this night, Jessie Aron just happened to be in the crowd and sang a handful of songs which got us through. By Sunday morning, Cyndi had no voice at all, and I was still hoarse. I was just getting ready to call Cyndi on Sunday and discuss canceling Rock Around the Block when she said that she was on her way there to do just that. It was too bad, but these things happen. A big part of having Jason in the band is to spread the vocals around as singing all night is not something that any of us can rely on. I was talking about this with Jessie, who has a powerful voice, and he even commented that singing over a live band is nothing like his pre-recorded tracks at his shows. We had 3 shows booked, and hopefully the Meatloaf song “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” rings true. Another note, I’ve been using a folding chair to put my amp on – which worked, but Tim actually bought an amp stand for me to use which worked out great. I just thought that was really cool thing to do and wanted to mention it. We had another situation with the Countryside on Saturday which is also worth mentioning. When we arrived on Saturday night, the back room (where we play) was closed off to the public as there was a retirement party booked. Apparently, we were the band for the party. Not too long in the night, Rich took down the “This Section Closed” sign and let the bar regulars into the back room. This whole situation was a surprise to us, that and a private party is a different category in our booking rates. And, if you came to see us on Saturday, the room was closed! Needless to say, we weren’t happy about the situation, but did play for the party. Jason will be back for the On the Waterfront in Rockford next weekend and hopefully, we’ll all be back in form. Sunday is a return to Crazy Horse (horse, not hoarse!) which is always a good time. We’ll see you there!

Tim & Cyndi’s Bday / Wedding in Hanover

This weekend was a lot of fun. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout at Tremors in celebrating Tim’s and Cyndi’s birthdays. It was set-up that Friday was the party for Cyndi’s 50th – which including cake and all the decorations. She was fooled as the surprise party was actually Sunday afternoon at the Junction Pub, which was also a good turnout. Corey was out and even played bass on a couple of songs, which is on our UStream site. It felt more like a Saturday night, especially when we had to tear down! Thanks to all who stopped out for Tim and Cyndi – again, it was a fun night. Saturday was a wedding in Hanover and we had a good time there too. The reception was in the family’s large barn and overall, it was a pretty fancy ordeal all things considered. Right outside where the drinks and munchies were served was a herd of cattle keeping an eye on things. The funny line of the evening  was from Cyndi when she came up to me after the 1st set and said that we were done for the night. “Really?”, I asked. “Yep”, she said, “The cows are home”.  This next weekend is going to be interesting in that Jason is on vacation but we were already booked and Cyndi decided to keep the job at the Countryside as well as Rock Around the Block on Sunday. Hopefully our voices will hold out and we’ll still have the crowd support. Should be interesting is all I can say. But, we’ll still have fun and probably pull some old songs out the hat. We’ll see you there!

Saturday Night & Birthdays

A day later this time as I watched the Packer game last night. Like Cyndi, I’m sure gonna miss Brett, and also plan on watching the Jets this year. I’ve been watching the Pack since the Bart Starr days so I guess things will change. Remember Lynn Dickey, Randy Wright, and Don Majkowski? Anyway, a private party Saturday night in Fort Atkinson which was a 50th anniversary party. We (well maybe just me) were a little concerned about being the right band for the job given the age of people we saw coming in. But fortunately each of knows a handful of “standards” and after catering to the older crowd, we started working in our regular songs. We wound up having a great time and an appreciative crowd. The honorary couple stayed all night and did their share of dancing too. This Friday is a one-nighter at Tremors where we’ll be celebrating both Tim and Cyndi’s birthday. And as stated in the previous blog, this is a big one for Cyndi. Let’s just say in Roman numerals she would be “L”. Stop out and wish a good one to Cyndi and also to Tim August…I mean Waggoner  –  or by his Indian name “Tim Running Sound”. We’ll see you Friday at Tremors!

Owl’s Club, other thoughts, and Bdays

A pretty good weekend at the Owl’s and thanks to all who stopped out. Cyndi tells me that people are picking up the new T-shirts. Be sure to get yours! Sometimes at the end of the night, when it’s not very busy, we’ve been known to pull out some “off the wall” songs. On Friday, we tried “Dock of the Bay” as I remembered Jason knew it. It wasn’t bad, but on Saturday afternoon I wrote out cheat sheets. We did again that night and it sounded pretty good – probably one we’ll keep. I also revised “Sultans of Swing” which we also tried Saturday. Needs a few more play through’s, but wasn’t too bad. The Lady Antebellum songs sound tight now and hopefully will start drawing dancers. I have to say that the sound this weekend was really nice. On stage, I could hear everything well balanced, which makes it a lot more fun to play – I’m sure Tim would agree.  I was also thinking that this version of Rainbow Bridge is going on 5 years, if I remember right, and has now pretty much come into it’s own – meaning that most of the songs we’re doing now are unique to this group. We still have a handful of classics that we’ve always done, but even now this band knows more songs than we can play in a night. Like any good team, there are advantages to staying together and it can only get better. It just felt good to play this weekend – back at the Owl’s, nice sound, everyone in good spirits, and the band just played well. On another note, Matt was entertaining on breaks with his table magic. He’s actually very good and fun to watch. Wonder if we could market this somehow….Anyway, it’s a private party this weekend. But, it looks like we’re back at Tremors on the 15th. Tim’s Bday is the 12th and Cyndi’s is the 17th so we’ll probably be partying that night. Be sure to stop out and wish both a good one. All birthdays are important but for Cyndi – THIS IS A BIG ONE! We’ll see you there!

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