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Countryside update

I talked to Cyndi who feels that we should still honor our dates and see what happens. Cyndi went out to the Countryside Saturday night and Rich was still apologetic. We’re a little divided on this but I agreed with Cyndi so that’s what we’re going to do. End of story line for now. I never intended for this section to be an airing of our situations, but I guess considering we were thinking of canceling out made it important enough. I don’t care to discuss this any further. Anyway, if you want drama, follow the Brett Favre story. He’s filed his re-instatement papers so we’ll see what happens next!

Rock County Fair – Countryside soap opera

The fair was a good time and it didn’t rain. I was a little concerned about our performance as we haven’t played in a while but everything was spot on. Thanks to Cyndi for getting the new t-shirts. I guess we sold quite a few and will continue to sell them at future shows. Be sure to get yours! And I did get a free shirt for doing pushups at the National Guard tent – something I’ve done for 4 years now. I now have 3 shirts and a football. Happy birthdays went out  to Matt’s and my sister, Sheri, who turned 50 on the 23rd – and also to Dawn. Both were present and received the Rainbow Bridge happy birthday song. And now to the Countryside drama – Jason and Cyndi both had conversations with Automatic, who tell a different story than what Rich told me. I’d like to speak to someone from that band too just to hear it first-hand. I really don’t want to believe that Rich lied to me as I asked him man to man what was going on. I was his best man at his 1st marriage and assumed he’d give me a straight answer.  It just feels awful to think our bookings were cancelled because he thought he could make more money doing something else. Anyway, we’ll have to look into this again, but it doesn’t look good as the band now feels we were used. We’ve made this public, so we’ll keep you posted. Next weekend has us back at the Owl’s Club. Considering the Countryside issue, I feel a little guilty and sympathetic towards the Owl’s as they’ve always treated us well and here we are playing at their competition. It’s a business, but we did try to work our schedule so that we didn’t play the Owl’s and Countryside back to back. Best we could do at the time…We’re hoping for a good turnout at the Owl’s – stop out and get a shirt! We’ll see you there.

Doug & Deb’s party / Countryside

A little late this week but back again. Doug and Deb’s party was a lot of fun. It was a Christmas theme and they went all out as usual. The food and refreshments were top notch – the weather was perfect and it was a good turn out. Again, thanks to Doug and Deb for all the effort and the good time. Being done early, I was a little tempted to check out the Saturday night scene but wound up heading back to Milwaukee. As you know, we are off this week due to the unexpected cancellation at the Countryside. Check out Cyndi’s comments as she pretty much says it all. The hard thing to understand is that Rich was in the band and should know how it feels to be treated this way. I don’t get it and doubt we’ll play there again. Like Cyndi said, all he had to do was be straight with us. Oh well, it’s not as bad as the Favre drama…we won’t come back as the back up band! We’ll just release ourselves from the bookings and play for another bar because we’re not ready to retire either. Okay, enough of that….check us out at the fair on the 25th. It’s always a good time and once again I’m ready for the National Guard pushup challenge. We’ll see you at the fair.

4th of July Weekend

Probably the best weather we’ve ever had for a 4th of July weekend and good turnouts all around. Thanks to all who came out and especially to Laura for the pics – which I hope will be posted soon. The funny story from the park was when I went to climb up on a picnic table, the seating board broke! And I drink diet Dew…As predicted, Corey was out both nights taking advantage of the passage to adulthood. He seemed to pretty much behave himself and didn’t get out of hand from what I saw. Matt had his Bday on the 6th. We had a family event at my sister’s place after the parade where we gave cards to both Corey and Matt. Holly drove over on the 4th with our grand-daughter, Adrianna. Adrianna enjoyed the parade, rides, fireworks, and even the band. Jesse Aron was out on the 4th and once again we asked him to sit in and do a few songs. Crazy Horse was a good time too as again, the weather was perfect. Both new songs sounded better too. Cyndi called yesterday and informed me that Rich has cancelled our next two shows at the Countryside – the 11th and the 18th. The area campgrounds are still having flooding issues which has led to poor turnouts. We’re playing a private party on the 12th which will make the next public appearance the Rock county fair on the 25th – bummer! Cyndi may come up with something so be sure to check in. All said, it was a great weekend and I thought the band sounded good all three nights. If nothing new comes through, we’ll see you at the fair!

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