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Memorial Weekend

Seems it was new equipment this week. Bob has yet another drum set, and Jason got a Marshall mini-stack amp. Both Bob and Jason seemed pleased with the new toys. Memorial weekend at Tremors – two okay nights and we thank all who stopped out. Doug, Deb, and their gang were out Friday for Doug’s Bday. We even brought Kaj up to break in Jason’s new amp. Tim had a family graduation to attend, so once again Trevor was in charge of everything behind the scenes. Trevor does a lot of work in making the band presentation what it is and I can’t say enough how much his efforts are appreciated. Before heading out to Crazy Horse campground, we returned to the scene of the crime on Sunday afternoon for a benefit and to see Cary and Crud. It was a good turnout and nice to see them play again. We were victims of the weather at Crazy Horse after playing a set and a half. We had a great crowd and dancers all through the first set but the threat of a thunderstorm forced us to pack up early. Short, but it was fun while it lasted and I don’t think we’ve ever packed up faster!
Monday was a day off and Holly and I went to the cemetery for the Memorial Day service. I was deeply moved by the event as being older, I understand what the day really means. We spent the afternoon on Buttercup enjoying the nice weather. Next week it’s back to the Countryside. I’m hoping for a good time and we’ll see you there!

May 8, 9, 10

The weekend started off Thursday at Palmer park for a Woodman’s union rally. They treated us well, but it was an early night with the band finishing about 7:30. Webmaster Greg was out, along with Laura and dance partner. Faith and some of Matt’s clan even made a showing. Friday at the Owls saw the debut of Trevor’s new lights. I kidded him about people not dancing because they were too mesmerized watching the lights! I know I was. Not a real busy weekend at the Owls but we had fun just the same and thanks to all who stopped out. Saturday’s teardown topic was an ethics question of how much money would have to be in a urinal before you’d reach in and take it out….I apparently have the lowest standards in this area but enough on that. “Big Red”, my main Les Paul of 28 years was back out this weekend too. No matter what else I play, that guitar will always be home. On a personal note: We had a big family lunch Sunday at mom & dad’s – mother’s day and dad’s Bday on the 13th. Holly drove over and my son, Corey, even showed up. We had a house full and it was a great time. When Holly and I got back to Milwaukee, her two sons, Pat and Chris, were at the house. They had gifts and even decorated a room with balloons and streamers. That made Holly’s day. After cleaning up, we visited the cemetery where both Holly’s parents are buried. A somber time, and for me a chance to again be thankful that my parents are still with us. All said, it was a good day. We’re off this weekend and time to catch up around the house. We’re having a neighborhood event here with turning our storage shed around so I can get my motorcycle in and out easier. Should be interesting….Back to Tremors on the 23rd & 24th. Stop out, say hello, throw some change in the urinal, and check out the new light show. We’ll see you there!

Knutes / Pitcher’s Mound

Two one nighters this weekend with Knutes and Pitcher’s Mound. I guess the Pitcher’s Mound is actually called Sommer’s Pub now – the new name hasn’t quite caught on yet. Friday at Knutes took us down to the bare minimum. Jason had a bad sore throat and wound up going home after just singing a couple of songs. Without Jason, Tim, or Trevor – it just the four of us, but we made it through. Jason was feeling a little better Saturday night. We were concerned as this was a new place for us and we wanted to be at our best. Unfortunately, Tim was sick so Trevor had control of the sound, lights and webcam. It’s a good thing he was born with that third arm…We had a pretty good crowd which included Brandy’s bachelorette party. She’s one of the bartenders at Tremors and brought quite a crew with her. Actually, there were quite a few regulars from Tremors who made the trip  and we thank them and all who stopped out this weekend. The owner actually made a deal for us to play an extra set – which is rare for a bar. I’m not sure exactly when closing time is, but we must have played right up to it. The sound was nice there and it’s a good sized dance floor. We hope it turns out to be regular place for us. Looks like a return to the Owls’ Club next weekend. And of course Sunday is mother’s day. Matt and my father’s Bday is the 13th so we’ll be celebrating both parents this weekend. Should be a good time so stop out to the Owl’s this weekend and we’ll see you there!

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