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Owl’s Club 4/25 4/26

Two good nights at the Owl’s with Saturday being the better turn out. See Matt’s pics on our Myspace site. We had Rebecca (former Miltonite) coming from Texas – that and few birthdays (like Sharon) made for a fun time. Of course, thanks to all the regulars who stopped out. We had quite a few dancers right up until quitting time on Saturday. Saturday afternoon was fun for me – I stopped down to Voight music to buy more guitar pics and ran into Mike Theile, the guitarist  from Frank & Co. We wound up hanging out most of the afternoon talking guitars, music, and life in general. He even gave me a guitar strap that I did use Saturday night. It might have been no big deal to him, but gestures like that mean a lot to me and I thank him for it. People sometimes ask who you see on nights off. I’m usually in Milwaukee these days, but I like to see old friends that are playing. Some musicians go for a style of music, or some artistic experience, but for me, it’s the people that matter. If I like the people, I’ll listen to the music. I’d like to believe it’s that way with us as most regulars know what we play. I’m often asked how’s Holly doing or even my parents. I like that aspect as a band job is entertainment but also a social event. I think we’re all “approachable people” who value break time to talk to friends – and make new ones. Anyway, late Saturday afternoon was a band practice where we added “Workin’ for a Livin’.” It became popular again when Garth Brooks did it as duet with Huey Lewis. It got a good response and will  get more solid as time goes on and we play it more. Next Friday we’re back at Knutes in Orfordville. Saturday has us back at the Pitcher’s Mound in Beloit. We haven’t played there in years, but are hoping for a good time. Stop out and say hello – we’ll see you there!

Tremors 4/18 4/19

Another fun weekend at Tremors. Matt has some Friday night pics on our myspace so check those out. A couple of bachelorette parties and a lot of birthdays made it a good time. Saturday night was apparently “formal night” as a lot women were in dresses and guys in ties. Nothing I knew about until I got there but it was nice to see. Saturday night was a 1st for me as after tearing down and driving all the way back to Milton, I realized my guitar was still at Tremors. I made a quick phone call and turned around and drove back. Of course I had to take some ribbing,”We already had the raffle tickets made up”  – “You would of had to buy back from the pawn shop to play next week.” It’s also nice to see some warmer weather – sure makes it a lot easier loading in and out. Actually, there was another 1st for the band if I can allude to this tastefully – let’s just a relative of Britney Spears was dancing in front of the band – and we’ve seen just about everything. Enough on that…It’s back to the Owl’s next weekend for hopefully another good time. We’re planning a practice Saturday which I’m looking forward to. Stop out to the Owl’s and we’ll see you there!


Break in the Weather at the Countryside

What a weekend at the Countryside. We played inside on Friday night using Sack and Greg’s PA and lighting. This was a bigger setup than what we’re used to; it was fun and we thank them.  I heard someone say that Rich has hired these guys now a number of weeks to give all the bands a big production look. This has come a long way from the mandatory flood lights! Saturday was the big event with Rich running bands and food all day. We played outside in a tent in 30+ degree weather and you could see your breath! Many thanks to those who braved the cold to watch us. Holly and friend Erin drove from Milwaukee and were in the tent most of the day. Cyndi’s sister, Lisa, even made a suprise trip down from Appleton. Not to plug another band, but I was real impressed with “Wildheart” who was playing inside. Some guy at the bar asked me if we lost a coin toss…The girl lead singer also took on challengers in the mud wrestling, which was held in the tent. Of course, Holly and Stacie had to try it out (when it was still dry) to make sure it was okay. The mud wrestling was quite entertaining and did bring a number of people outside.  All said, it was a good turnout as the bar was still packed when I left. I gotta give credit to Rich for what he’s done to draw people to his club and making it a fun place to go. Tremors is another fun place to go and we’re back there next weekend – 18th & 19th. We’re playing inside there so we won’t have to perform in our coats! See you there.

Mick & Tony’s

No longer the JD’s Prime Spot and some nice changes. I really liked that the stage was moved into the bar area. Funny thing about the new name – Tony is Mick’s dog.  Thanks to all who made the trip down…a lot of familiar faces and a good time. Tim and Bob were both not feeling up to par this weekend and we hope they’re better soon. Trevor was the man this weekend handling lights, sound, and the webcam. Matt got in a few pics which are up on our myspace site. Another issue was this was a non-smoking bar. People have different views on this and I understand both sides. Personally, if going non-smoking causes a place to lose business, which could mean not running bands, then I’d rather play in the smoke! It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Next weekend we’re at the Countryside for Rich’s version of “break in the weather”. Friday night we’re inside, but with another band’s equipment. I’m confident Tim will find and dial in the right knobs, but it’ll be different. On Saturday afternoon (3 -7) we’re outside with our own equipment. Hopefully it’ll be warm and we’ll see you there!

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Johnny’s Office & Brooklyn

The old Mo’s Pub is now Johnny’s office and we had a good time playing there.  Thanks to Nina, Arden, Bonnie, Stacy, Stacie, Laurie, and everyone that stopped out. Also another night with the web cam. At the end of the night, the owner bought us all a round for the road, which was a nice gesture. Saturday afternoon was a band practice where we brought back “You May Be Right” (Billy Joel) We played it that night and it went well. Saturday was a return to Brooklyn, where we’ve played a number of years now. Thanks to all who made the trip over. While setting up, one of people in charge asked us to play a CD on break. We didn’t have the right cord and could have easily said sorry. Tim took it upon himself to drive to Madison, where he worked and knew the right cable would be there. I’m a believer in actions speak and I was quite impressed with what he did. He returned with the right connection and everyone was happy. There was popcorn on all the tables so I was especially happy…I’d also like to thank Greg for putting up the new site and walking me through how to use it. Hopefully I’ll get it – this is the 1st attempt. Next week we’re back in Beloit and Mick & Tony’s (the old JD’s Prime Spot). Cyndi’s been there and says it’s all remodeled which we’re looking forward to seeing. Stop out and say hello and we’ll see you there!

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