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Tremors Feb. 15 & 16

Two good nights at Tremors and as always, thanks to all who stopped out. The big scare was what Saturday night was going to be like with the weather. It sure didn’t keep people home as we had a full house all night. It was raining when were packing up and the roads were icy. But it wasn’t as bad as predicted. Jason was celebrating a birthday this weekend and quite a few people came out to wish him a good one. Speaking of birthdays, I believe Bob and Trevor are both celebrating in March. Seems we’re all getting older….I finally got around to spending my birthday Guitar Center gift certificate from Bob on Saturday. It’s fun to browse guitars and amps but it was just as interesting to note the diverse age groups and personalities all interested in guitar playing. It was cool when I was 9 and still is at 51. Maybe it’s one of those things that keeps you feeling young – or just never maturing! The new songs we’ve added the past weeks are going over well and are now comfortable to play. It’s time to start working on some new ones and I’ll have time seeing that we’re off next week.
I made the comment that it must have been a full moon weekend. We had a guy on the dance floor doing pushups and playing “air instruments” a little too close to the bandstand. There’s another guy who also gets uncomfortably close and will point and comment at us while we’re playing. And, we had a guy come up and assume he was going to play Bob’s drums. We let him play the tambourine – which he broke! To their credit, the bouncers keep an eye on this and will step in if things are too distracting or disruptive, which we appreciate. Anyway, as mentioned, it’s a week off and time to start working on new tunes. Then it’s back to the Countryside on the 29th and 1st. Hopefully, we’ll actually play both nights! See you there!!

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Friday @ the Countryside 2/8

It’s getting to be the curse of the winter – cancelled due to weather. As you know, we played Friday night and were called off on Saturday. But Friday was okay and we had a good time – even pulled a few oddballs out of the archives. Bob had already left on Saturday and was actually waiting at the Countryside for the rest of the band to show up. I thought about going out Saturday but my better sense said to stay put at mom and dads. It was a night of watching TV and playing my guitar. We met up on Sunday morning to tear down and the roads were still quite slick. But we got everything put away and then it was a trip back to Milwaukee for me. I’d like to say thanks to former member Cary Farmer for stopping out and also to Trevor, who took care of both light and sound duty as Tim was sick. Hopefully, we’ll be back in full force for two nights at Tremors next weekend. And, Jason will be celebrating a Bday this upcoming weekend – the 15th according to Cyndi and the guest book. Aren’t golden birthdays special? Just kidding J-man! See you at Tremors.

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Knutes 2/1

One nighter at Knutes and it was a good time. Thanks to all who made the trip to Orfordville: Earl, Laura, Kami & John, Stacie, Elizabeth & Mark’s mommy, and Janesville Jod to name a few. (see our myspace site) Bit of nostalgia – I remember playing there with “Eye to Eye” in the early ’70s when I was in my mid-teens. It was called “Golden Acres” then. In other band news – we are once again sponsored by Miller and should have new posters soon. Now if I played slide with a beer bottle, it has to be Miller. And I’m wondering if the Miller girls are going to be at any of the jobs. Hmmm….
On some personal news – my sister and father were both in the hospital this week. Sheri had minor surgery and my father is dealing with skin cancer. Both are home and doing okay. Holly starts a new job on Monday and is excited about working again. Anyway, it’s back to the Countryside next weekend (8 & 9) and hopefully the weather will give us a break this time. Stop out and say hello. See you there!

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