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Tremors Weekend

What’s up with all the snow? Friday was an okay night, not real busy but steady. I thought for sure Saturday was going to be a slow one due to the weather, but to my surprise, it was a great night. Thanks to all who braved the elements to do some dancing. We had quite a few Bdays out this weekend, and of course my better half has a Bday today. I’m writing this as we’re waiting for people to show up to the house for her party. Cyndi and I learned “Stay” from Sugarland this weekend and it went over well. We both worked on it on our own and tried it for the first time on stage. It’s a little risky to do it that way but it’s exciting. Now it’s weekend off for Christmas – we’ve got our shopping done – now come the bills. It’s back to the Owl’s Club for New Year’s weekend. 2008 will be a big year as Corey (Cyndi’s and my son) will be 21 in July and of course Cyndi will be L (Roman numeral for 50) in August. I hope everybody has a great Christmas and be sure to make plans to bring in the New Year at the Owl’s Club. We’ll see you there!

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Countryside / Delavan

A one nighter at the Countryside and as always thanks to all who stopped out. The surprise of the night was having Kath Johnson show up and joining us for few tunes. It’s always fun to hear Kath and Matt gets a chance to once again play rhythm guitar. Saturday night in Delavan was a company Christmas party for the Isley Corp. We started playing this party in the mid 80s. I’ll bet we played it about 15 years and then they decided to try something different. And now we’ve been back again for a few years. Almost all of the former members have memories of this job. They feed us well but loading in and out is always a challenge – and we’ve hit some snow storms not to mention some chilly weather. Cyndi does a great version of “The Christmas Song” which like Matt’s “Monster Mash”, is a seasonal thing. It’s a running joke in the band as someone will usually tell us that we were better than the band last year. I’ll take that as we’re still improving…Anyway, it’s back to Tremors next weekend and Holly’s 50th Bday. I don’t think she’ll be out but we are having a small house party Sunday night which should be fun. See you at Tremors!

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Countryside / Dora’s Benefit @ the VFW

Well once again the weather was the winner. Friday was an okay night at the Countryside and thanks to all who stopped out. Christine was celebrating a Bday with a comment that she was “as old as the band.” Last week Tim was sick and Matt had a cold so this week was my turn to get both. Wednesday night and Thursday were bad for me (I took off work) but I was good enough to play Friday. I still have the cold as a lot of people do – hopefully it won’t last long. As you know, we were cancelled on Saturday due to the weather. I spent the night at my parent’s house playing my guitar and watching movies. The real highlight of the weekend was the benefit for Dora on Sunday. Matt has some great pics up on our Myspace site. You can link there from the front page of this section. It was a nice turnout and appeared to be a very successful event. The raffles and prizes took most of the time but we did play a couple of sets. Actually, seeing a child with a rare cancer and who has under gone four chemo sessions before being three years old, does put things in perspective. And here I am talking about being sick with a cold…Anyway, it’s back to the Countryside for a one-nighter next Friday. Saturday is a company Christmas (yes Christmas) party. Also coming up soon is Holly’s Bday on the 16th. My better half will join me at 50 – we’ll be tied for a while – but it’s still a few more weeks with a younger wife! Stop out to the Countryside this Friday and say hello. See you there!

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