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Memorial Weekend – 2007

Whew!!!! 4 one-nighters and we survived. I hope everyone had a good Memorial weekend. We did but it was a busy one.
First off was Doug Brookin’s 40th surprise party at the Junction Pub. And a surprise it was; we even put “wedding” on schedule to keep the secret. It’s ironic that Doug had his wife’s (Debbie) surprise party there as well. At first, Doug had the whole evening planned and sent invitations out. This was followed by Debbie’s invitation to ignore Doug’s and to explain what was really going on. She pulled it off and I give her credit.
Saturday was a return to the Countryside. Again, the place that won’t let us use our lights. I heard more comments about us being in the dark than I ever heard complaints about the lights being too bright. Whatcha gonna do….but a good crowd and a good night. Thanks to our regulars and the campers who came out.
Sunday, we were back at Crazy Horse campgrounds outside of Brodhead. This was our 3rd appearance and it was a great time. Crazy Horse is now a regular for us and I’m glad. It’s something for kids to see live bands too as they really enjoy it. When I was a youth, there was a band that practiced in their garage a few blocks from my parent’s house. I would ride my bike there and watch every time they played. It was totally captivating.
Once again back to the Owl’s Club on Memorial day. It was special for me as Holly, the grandkids, and my parents were out. I hadn’t seen Holly all weekend and thanks to Debbie Seeger, a co-worker of mine, for driving over with her. It was probably just the free brats….but it was good to see everybody. A little bit of jam session with Kaj Anderson and Denny Wayne sitting in, along with Ken “Elvis” Fraser. One funny story…..Bob has an electronic device on the bottom of his drum stool called a “Buttkicker” that rumbles the seat when the bass drum is hit. It provides a “feel” of the drums and the music. Anyway, Denny asked to sit-in and play the drums as he was fascinated with Bob’s new set. Words do not describe the look on Denny’s face when he started playing and was “introduced” to the Buttkicker…..priceless moment.
Back to Vinnie’s in Jefferson this Saturday. This will be our 3rd time here as well but a little earlier than usual. (7 – 11) Fun bar…..stop out if you get the chance.

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Tremors and Other Stuff 5/18 – 5/19 – 2007

Another good weekend at Tremors, although Saturday was significantly better than Friday. But the crowd and the band had a good time both nights. As always, thanks to all who came out to spend some time with us.
Holly and I spent the last week in South Dakota. We visited the area where Laura Ingalls based her “Little House on the Prairie” books, saw Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, toured the town of Deadwood, but mostly got away from it all and had some fun. Our last getaway was five years ago to Graceland so we were about due.
Speaking of Holly, and I hope she doesn’t mind me publicizing her condition, but health problems are plaguing her. She has had Crohns disease for a long time now. Just this year she was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis – both of which are incurable diseases of the immune system. Now as a side effect of these, she is experiencing pain behind her eyes and having vision problems. There’s no telling how bad this could get which has us concerned. She’s on drops for now, but has an appointment with an eye doctor if the drops have no results. We’ve still hopeful that at least this will clear up. We’ll see….no pun intended.
I spent last Saturday afternoon visiting my aunt and uncle – then it was a stop to see an old friend who opened a new business – followed by a trip down to the Afton Pub where they were having a fundraiser for Cliff Frederickson. Cliff, a Madison guitar player, has prostrate cancer and will undergo chemotherapy soon. I ran into a lot of old friends there – yes, musicians even older than me! It was just a great afternoon of seeing family and old friends – put me in good mood and ready to play that night.
Anyway, it’s a busy holiday weekend coming up with 4 one-nighters. Check the schedule and come out and say hello. And if you get the chance, thank a vet (not the animal doctor) this weekend – that’s really what it’s all about.

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