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Outlaw Legends / Yetti’s / Hammys

Another busy weekend for me, but more for Cyndi with her Thursday and Friday night solo gigs! I started out on Friday playing with the Outlaw Legends, a 3-piece band, at lake Church in Belgium, Wi. It was a little less than an hour’s drive for me, and this was a return gig. I spent quite a few nights relearning the songs, as being just one guitar, you hear everything! It went well with a better crowd than last time. The leader and bassist, Pete, joined another band, so this may have been our last gig unless we can find a date where we’re all open. I do enjoy playing trio and the challenge of filling the sound, plus all the songs are standards.

Rainbow Bridge played at Yetti’s on Saturday afternoon for their grand opening. This was the first time for me as Steve Doiel filled in before. We played outside with a partial covering. The weather was good while we played but the wind was lifting the tents up and eventually they took the covering off the tents. It started a little slow but all the tables were filled later in the afternoon. I mentioned I learned “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” in the OL band and RB played one time before and again that day. The rain was setting in just as we were about finished tearing down. Bob had a few more drums to load but we made it in time. We had a bachelorette party out, which included a blow-up “male anatomy feature” and we were making (bad) puns throughout the day.
Funny note of the day: There was a crossbeam directly above my amp and sure enough, I hit my head on it more than once – and even after Bob warned me! I’ve got a small gash on my upper forehead as a reminder. Gary was not feeling well and had a little trouble vocally, but we made it through just fine.

Cyndi – Bryan, Gary and I all stopped out to the Countryview afterwards to hear KJ and friends. Cyndi and I both played with “Ken” before Rainbow Bridge started. We got up and played a couple of Cyndi songs that sounded great with a “real” steel guitar!

We finished up on Sunday at Hammys and played outside. I’m sure most people have heard about the sound issue with a complaining neighbor and Sunday was no exception. We were asked to turn down and even a police officer showed up mid-way through the show. I don’t get this as it’s afternoon and I don’t think there are afternoon business decibel laws on the books. Imagine “one” person telling the Anchor Inn they couldn’t have outdoor music! All said, we had a great crowd, a fun afternoon and thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

Another busy one coming up with the Moose on Friday, Yetti’s on Saturday night and Crazyhorse Campground in Brodhead on Sunday.
Cyndi is playing solo at Conroy’s on Thursday.
We’re back for Milton’s 4th of July on Tuesday.

Personal note: Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turns 30 on July 2nd. Doesn’t seem possible but time flies!

Merrill & Houston’s w/ Gary / Fab 4 at Tasbagg

Friday night gig at Merrill & Houston’s with the Gary McAdams combo which featured Gary, Pat Betts, Pete Olig and myself. This was a fun and challenging gig for me being the only solo instrument. Pat and Pete are top-notch players, so this was a real treat. Here’s Gary’s write-up on Facebook:
Thanks! Always so good to see so many Fans, Friends & Fellow Musicians in the crowd! A special thanks to Bonnie Beck and her friend for stopping out and for the CR request. 😉 Also to Jay & Bobbie Stahl for celebrating their 38th anniversary with us. As well as many other folks. Great to have Teresa Swetland sit in for a couple and wow everyone, as well as David Keith Stewart play some guitar with us. And as always, a unique pleasure to share a stage and ART with Pete Olig, Pat Betts & Jeffrey Arnold. Thanks SO much to Jayme Braatz, Billy Braatz & all the team at Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint for all they do.
Gary was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, but sounded fine all night. There’s a video of “Stormy Monday” on Facebook.



Gary’s sickness got worse and he called in sick for our Rainbow Bridge gig at Tasbagg on Saturday. We had a good night with the 4 of us as everybody stepped up a notch, especially Cyndi, who did most of the vocals. Thanks to all who stopped out! A little confusion on the starting time, which turned out to be 9:00, but we were all there and early! No Sunday gig so I headed home afterward.
I’m playing tonight (Monday) at the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis. This will be our last one as the bar decided to end it. We’ve been getting good crowds and I enjoy getting to play with Milwaukee players. We’re looking for another venue.
Rainbow Bridge is off this weekend.
The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday from 8 -12 with John Cammilleri as Cyndi is playing at the Northleaf Winery in Milton from 7 – 10.
I’m playing a fill-in type gig on Saturday at the Lake Church Pub & Grill in Belgium, Wi with the band, “Outlaw Legends” from 8 – 12. Again, this will be a challenge as it’s a 3-piece, but I’m looking forward to it.


Again, thanks to all who support the band. We have some new songs in the works that I hope we can get to soon!

GMB @ Hammys / Countryview w/ Matt

The Gary McAdams Band started off the weekend at Hammys with the regular line-up. We had a little trouble with the mixer at the start but fortunately Gary had a spare. The bad news is that one giving us trouble was borrowed from Junior Moore. Gary and I both have the same mixer and have had trouble with both. Mine was sent back to the company it’s pushing two years now – I’m not happy. But it was a good night and good crowd. Tommy Larson and Phil Trumpy sat-in for a few. Cary Farmer was in the crowd but did not play, although he helped with the sound.

I had a Voight birthday gift certificate from Bob that I took care of on Saturday afternoon. Going to a music store is always a fun thing to do – I thanked Bob for the new strings that night.

Rainbow Bridge returned to the Countryview on Saturday and Matt was back with the band. Between off time and fill-ins, we hadn’t played a lot of our songs in a while. I did some reviewing, but have a lot more to do! We had a great crowd and a fun night. Jim, a friend of mine from the Sandtrap days, was out celebrating a 50th birthday party. Lucas Brookins, who, along with Dawn Richter helping with the PA, sat-in on drums for a few. This place seems to be doing really well with the new owners and we’re happy about that!

The Gary McAdams was scheduled to play Sunday at Boxcars but owner/drummer, Tim Pogorelski, took a last minute trip down south and didn’t make it back in time.
A little disappointing, but I headed back to West Allis after Sunday brunch at dad’s and got to spend the day at home.

Cyndi will be at “Off the Hook” on Thursday.

Rainbow Bridge has 3-day weekend starting at the Moose Club on Friday.
We’re at Lucy’s (Owl’s Club) on Saturday and then finish off the weekend at Hammys on Sunday.

I see we’re also running a “clearance sale” on our 40th anniversary t-shirts. Now’s the time to get one!
We’ll see you this weekend!

GMB @ Hammys / RB @ Countryview / Big B-Day Coming UP

Friday night at Hammys with the Gary McAdams Band was a good night. It was back to the regular lineup with Shawna Moore Schultz and Steve Dougherty. Laura Farnsworth was out and recorded a handful of videos that you can see on Facebook. Because this band is unrehearsed and most of my playing is improvised, I’m a little worried about something musically embarrassing getting posted, but everything has been ok – so far!

Matt was not feeling well this weekend so we had Denny Wayne fill in on bass at the Countryview. Denny did a great job, as usual, and we had a great night. There was still a crowd dancing to the jukebox after we were packed up! The new owners have done some great things to this place and we’re happy to be playing there. Denny’s other band, Two Left Feet, was playing down the hill at Lakeview. Denny told me, while on one of our breaks, that he ran down and played a song with them on drums. It’s funny because that’s something Matt would do! Lucas Brookins was out and also sat-in on drums for a few.

We’re off for a while now, although Cyndi is playing solo at Off the Hook on Thursday, the 19th.
Rainbow Bridge doesn’t play again until Hammys on Sunday, January 29th.

And, Friday the 27th is my 60th birthday so the next time we play, I’ll be in a new decade – yay…
I’ll probably try to get to a few more jams in our off time.

Stop out on the 29th at Hammys and wish the old guy a good one!

Go Pack!!

Moose / Janesville Country Club / Sad News / Busy Weekend

I decided to wait a day as I had a jam here in West Allis on Monday. RB played Friday night at the Moose Club and had a good night. Gary brought Jerry Dabson along and Jerry sat-in for a few. Jerry sounded great with the band at such a nice volume.
Bob had some major trouble at work and planned on going in once we were done at the Moose. He informed us at Saturday’s setup that they had it under control, although one of his cats passed away Friday night and he didn’t get a lot of sleep.

We had a company Christmas party at the Janesville Country Club on Saturday so we made two trips and set up early. It’s a bit of a hassle but the people appreciate not opening the doors and letting the cold in while they’re eating! We had nothing but good remarks but the place cleared out early and they let us stop. This was helpful for me as I was driving back afterward. We had a good time and a good response. No gig on Sunday.

The Lucky Chance in West Allis, moved the jam to an every other Monday night schedule and last night was first one. I was surprised at the good crowd but have to wonder if it’ll hold its own. The bar is going to rotate hosts and we should be back the 1st Monday of the month. It made for a long Tuesday but it was a good time.

A busy week for me coming up: Friday – Merrill & Houston’s with the Gary McAdams Combo.
Saturday afternoon at the Moose – a birthday party for our friend Susie, who is turning 60. That night we’re at the Countryview (formerly the Countryside).
On Sunday afternoon, the Gary McAdams Band, with Gary, Pat Betts, Pete Olig, Cyndi and me, returns to Boundaries.
On a sad note, Dave “Wichita” Wilson passed away today. Dave played bass with Jerry Dabson for many years. I had the chance to do a few gigs with him and it was a real treat. Dave was one of the nicest, friendliest people you could ever meet. I feel so sad for Jerry, and Dave will sure be missed.

I also found out this week that Paul Chitwood passed away in Yuma, AZ. Paul was one of my local guitar idols and mentor when it came to bands and being a musician.
Nothing has been said on Facebook, but I plan on writing a post here soon dedicated to Paul. Losing Dave and Paul in the same week is heartbreaking.

I guess the show goes on.

Again, busy weekend coming up so stop out and say hello!

Lucky Chance Jam / Star Rock / Vacations / Bob’s Mom Passing

A Saturday night in Delavan for the band at a new club – the Star Rock Bar in downtown. Actually, we placed this place as the Delavana Lounge many years ago. Nothing about it was the same except for the location! With Matt being on vacation, former member, Denny Wayne, filled in on bass and did a great job. Gary works in the area and had a lot of his friends show up which made for a fun night. We had a few of Gary’s friends join in on vocals for a few; not something we normally do, but the occasion made it okay. Lucas Brookins was also out and sat-in on drums for a couple. It was nice place and we hope it turns out to be a regular gig for us.

As mentioned earlier, I played a jam on Monday night and also co-hosted the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis on Friday. There’s a short blues tune video on Facebook. It was a good night and a chance to play with some of my Milwaukee friends. I’ll be back at the jam on the 18th.

Rainbow Bridge is officially on vacation with Matt and Cyndi out of town. The Gary McAdams Band is playing this Friday night at Hammys from 8 – 12. Not sure who’s all playing, but it’s always a good time.

As you may have heard, Bob’s mom passed away last week. Bob had been keeping quite busy with work, the band, and taking care of mom. We were all sad to hear of his loss and thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and family.

On a happier note, Cyndi and Bryan are celebrating their anniversary and we send congrats out to them.

Stop out to Hammys this Friday and say hello!

Moose Club w/ Fab 4 / Monday Night Jam in Dundee

Just a Friday night at the Moose this weekend but it was a last minute surprise when Gary called and was tied up at work. I scrambled a few extra charts together just in case and we got though it just fine as a 4-piece. It was the usual good crowd with a lot of dancers. The real is key is the volume and the right danceable material and we had both. Thanks to all who stopped out.

I co-hosted a jam Monday night in Dundee with Craig Omick and Ronn Gilbert. It was different but felt good to play. My co-worker, Jim Schustedt and wife, Kay, drove down from Fond Du Lac. I’ll be co-hosting again in West Allis on Friday at the Lucky Chance jam with Craig.

Rainbow Bridge is playing in Delavan at the Star Rock Bar and Grill from 9 -1. With Matt out of town, Denny Wayne will be playing bass with us.
Should be a lot of fun. Stop out if you’re in the area!

Moose Club / Wedding Reception / Hammys / Bob’s Bday

A three-gig weekend, although two of them were at the Moose Club. We started off at the Moose for one of their regular Friday night dances. There was a slight miscommunication as to who was bringing the speaker stands as there were none when we arrived. Gary jumped in his truck, drove back to Clinton to get them, and made it back just before time. It’s a good thing we get to gigs on the early side to set up as you never know what might be missing or not function before starting time. We had a good crowd with a lot of dancers and appreciate everyone who stopped out. It’s odd to think that we’ve been playing the Moose since the ‘70s and now we’re old enough to where we really fit in! On a personal note- I played a “new-to-me” guitar amp that I picked up (cheaply) in Milwaukee and played it all weekend. I had taken it to the blues jams wasn’t sure if it would work in the band. I was really happy with the sound. Always nice when that happens!

We were able to leave our equipment as we played a wedding reception on Saturday afternoon for (not sure of the names) Rosa and Thomas (Toe-mas’), who are regular followers the band. We had a smaller, but appreciative crowd who stayed until 7:00. Since we were done early, we headed down to Beloit to hear “The Gary Band”. Cyndi has seen them multiple times and raves about how good they are. It was the first time for me and I really enjoyed them – Cyndi was right! Cyndi, Bryan and I then headed up to Hammys to listen to the “The Allen Groves Band” which featured our former drummer, Rick Mattelig. They had a good crowd and it was nice to see Rick again.

And speaking of Hammys, we finished off the weekend there on Sunday to a packed house all afternoon. We really like that the stage has now been carpeted. Matt surprised me during “Gimme Three Steps” when he stopped the band to see if I could play slide guitar with an over-sized flaming lighter. You can see the video along with Dawn Richter’s pictures on Facebook. The full house and dance floor made the afternoon go fast. We thank all who stopped out.

Rainbow Bridge is off this coming weekend, although the Gary McAdams Band is playing at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7. And Bob’s birthday is coming up on March 2nd! The next band date is Friday, March 4th at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit. Bob will be older then, but stop out and wish him a good one!

GMB in Beloit / Fill-in Gig at Real McCoys / Anchor Inn

Friday had the Gary McAdams Band in Beloit at Riverwest Park for a 2-hour show. Joel Patterson, steel guitar and 6-string guitarist from Chicago, sat-in with the band and gave us a big sound. Bob also helped with the soundmen to get things set just right. It was a good crowd and the weather held out. Gary borrowed a couple of amps to save Joel some time as he had another gig that night. I borrowed one of the Fender Twins, and even though it’s a great amp, I was not in my comfort zone. What is it about those Peaveys? The wind picked up and it looked like rain when we were tearing down but we managed to get everything packed.

We were off Saturday but I got a last minute call from the rock band “Jumping Parker” to play at Real McCoys in Delavan. I spent a little time on Thursday and all day Saturday working on songs to pull this off. The homework was worth it as the band sounded good. People were amazed that we had just met each other that night, although I have been at open jams with the drummer, Tony, before. It was fun and a big challenge for me. I actually felt better about my playing that night than I did on Friday. On a side note: one of the twenty dollar bills I was paid with turned out to be fake. Holly found on Monday morning when she tried to use it. I called the bar and the band leader just to put out the notice. The bar owners won’t be back until Wednesday. I’m probably just SOL, but we’ll see.

Rainbow Bridge finished off the weekend with perfect weather at the Anchor Inn on Sunday. Bob and Matt were both not feeling well but still put on a great show. There are many pictures and even some videos up on Facebook – thanks to all who posted them. Lucas Brookins, who had a half-page article in the Milton Courier on his piano tuning skills, sat-in on drums for a few songs and was good as always. Of course, we were celebrating Cyndi’s birthday on Monday. Bryan, their son, Dylan, Cyndi’s sister, Lisa, and many friends were out to wish her a good one.

We’re off on Friday but making it up with 2 gigs on Saturday: a company party from 11:30 – 3:30, and then the Drunken Monkey that night from 9:30 – 1:30.
We’re back at Lakeview on Sunday from 3 – 7 and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Stop out and wish a belated one to Cyndi if you missed us this Sunday.

Schullsburg / Moose / Lakeview

Thursday was a long drive to Schullsburg for their music in the park night. On the way over, Gary’s alternator went out, but he made it to the gig. Humphrey Transport took his vehicle and replaced the alternator before the band was finished with the gig! Can’t say thanks enough for that! Bob had his new PA for this job and it worked out fantastic. We had a great “sit-down and listen crowd” although a number of people got up to dance on the grass. It was just a two-hour gig with a raffle in-between and it went fast. I spent more time driving than playing. John Bredeson, a friend of the band who’s fighting brain cancer, was out and we’re sad to say that it was the last time. John has been coming to our gigs as much as possible and always requests “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”. We played it that night and took a group picture with John when we were done. I just heard today that John has passed away. So sorry to hear the news.

Back at the Moose on Friday and we had a good night. We try to play as softly as possible at the Moose and had no complaints this time. It’s a 7 – 10 gig so we’re done early. Hearing Gary and Cyndi doing “God Bless America” and The Star Spangled Banner” is worth the price of admission in my book. As you know, there was a mix-up on our New Year’s gig and they were very apologetic about it. The Moose is also looking in to having us once a month next year. I headed back to West Allis after the gig.

We were off on Saturday but back at Lakeview on Sunday afternoon. There was a light rain on the drive over so I was a little concerned. But the weather cooperated and we had a great afternoon. You can see pictures from Schullsburg and Lakeview on Facebook thanks to Dawn Richter. We also played our two new songs and both went over well. Matt and I traded guitars on the last song and I see a picture is up on Facebook.

It’s a real busy weekend coming up with the Rock County Fair on Friday, a benefit at Suds on Saturday afternoon, Whiskey Ranch that night, and finishing at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. If the National Guard has their tent up at the fair, I’ll do the pushup thing again. This started over ten years ago, and still something I look forward to. Plenty of chances to see the band this weekend so stop put and say hello!

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