Saying Goodbye for Now

I’m going to discontinue the blog until further notice. Working full-time and playing (out of town for me) every weekend this summer has left me with very little spare time and too many gigs to report on – although not a bad thing for a player! All the need-to-know info can be found on Facebook or our home page – although you won’t get my personal insights! I may start up again but for now, thanks for following my blog all these years!   –  Jeff


Outlaw Legends / Yetti’s / Hammys

Another busy weekend for me, but more for Cyndi with her Thursday and Friday night solo gigs! I started out on Friday playing with the Outlaw Legends, a 3-piece band, at lake Church in Belgium, Wi. It was a little less than an hour’s drive for me, and this was a return gig. I spent quite a few nights relearning the songs, as being just one guitar, you hear everything! It went well with a better crowd than last time. The leader and bassist, Pete, joined another band, so this may have been our last gig unless we can find a date where we’re all open. I do enjoy playing trio and the challenge of filling the sound, plus all the songs are standards.

Rainbow Bridge played at Yetti’s on Saturday afternoon for their grand opening. This was the first time for me as Steve Doiel filled in before. We played outside with a partial covering. The weather was good while we played but the wind was lifting the tents up and eventually they took the covering off the tents. It started a little slow but all the tables were filled later in the afternoon. I mentioned I learned “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” in the OL band and RB played one time before and again that day. The rain was setting in just as we were about finished tearing down. Bob had a few more drums to load but we made it in time. We had a bachelorette party out, which included a blow-up “male anatomy feature” and we were making (bad) puns throughout the day.
Funny note of the day: There was a crossbeam directly above my amp and sure enough, I hit my head on it more than once – and even after Bob warned me! I’ve got a small gash on my upper forehead as a reminder. Gary was not feeling well and had a little trouble vocally, but we made it through just fine.

Cyndi – Bryan, Gary and I all stopped out to the Countryview afterwards to hear KJ and friends. Cyndi and I both played with “Ken” before Rainbow Bridge started. We got up and played a couple of Cyndi songs that sounded great with a “real” steel guitar!

We finished up on Sunday at Hammys and played outside. I’m sure most people have heard about the sound issue with a complaining neighbor and Sunday was no exception. We were asked to turn down and even a police officer showed up mid-way through the show. I don’t get this as it’s afternoon and I don’t think there are afternoon business decibel laws on the books. Imagine “one” person telling the Anchor Inn they couldn’t have outdoor music! All said, we had a great crowd, a fun afternoon and thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

Another busy one coming up with the Moose on Friday, Yetti’s on Saturday night and Crazyhorse Campground in Brodhead on Sunday.
Cyndi is playing solo at Conroy’s on Thursday.
We’re back for Milton’s 4th of July on Tuesday.

Personal note: Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turns 30 on July 2nd. Doesn’t seem possible but time flies!

Orfordville June Days / Delavan Concert in the Park / Boundaries

Busy, busy. Working full-time, playing all weekend and no computer at home makes it hard to find time. I thought about discontinuing the blog for a while – we’ll see.

Friday had us at June Days in Orfordville. It was a good night but I was hoping for a better response. Rain was on and off which did force the bulk of the crowd in the pavilion. Bob worked his magic on the PA and the band sounded good. I didn’t have my best playing night and forgot a few things that I thought were auto-pilot. I’ve said it before: People ask how you remember all those songs. Sometimes you don’t!

Cyndi and Gary played the Dairy Breakfast on Saturday morning and started around 6:30 AM!!

With a Saturday afternoon free, I did song reviewing for a few hours. We played at the Phoenix park in Delavan that night which was to be a 2-hour show. We started at 7 and quit at 8:15 due to rain. It was a shame as Bob had an outdoor sound mixed to perfection and the band played well. Even though we quit early, I was feeling much better than last night. Dawn Richter put a couple of videos on Facebook, taken with a cell phone, and people commented on the sound. It was a very appreciative crowd, complete with dancers, and applause after songs and even solos.

The GMB finished off the weekend at Boundaries on Father’s Day Sunday and had a good crowd. “Manberry” guitarist and owner of Bazingas, Brian Hughes, sat-in for couple. I enjoy this gig as it’s a change of pace and I get to tap a different side of my playing. Plus Steve and Shawna are great musicians and fun to play with. Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

I’m playing with the Outlaw Legends on Friday in Belgium, Wi. It’s a trio that plays classic country and some rock –a real challenge for me musically. And I get to go home when we’re done.

Cyndi has solo gigs: Thursday at Hammys and Friday at On the Roof at Riley’s.

RB is at Yetti’s on Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6 for a grand opening. Steve Doiel filled in for me on the band’s debut so this will be the first time for me.
RB finishes up the weekend on Sunday at Hammys from 3 – 7.

I’m co-hosting the Monday night jam at the Dundee Roadhouse – again with a trio. Busy weekend!

Gary’s BD @ Hammys / Birthday Party / GMB Concert in the Park

Quite the busy weekend. It all started on Friday with the GMB band at Hammys for Gary’s birthday celebration. The coolest thing was Gary’s sister and brother-in law driving all the way up from Texas just to be there. There was an invite – to all players who had done a paying gig with Gary – to sit in. I brought an extra amp and there was a vocal mic setup off to the side. There’s a list on Facebook of all the musicians that stopped out and played. It was quite the variety. “Chainsaw” Curtis recorded the night and our very own, Bob Hamann, ran sound. It was a good turnout with a lot of local musicians. “Fifty four damn years old!

On Saturday afternoon, we played a private for Heather Massey-Jones mother, Lynn, who was celebrating her 70th. It was a surprise party and she was surprised! Lynn is quite the character. Seems she likes Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fleetwood Mac and tequila! I guess my thoughts on age need to be rechecked. She’s only 10 years older than I am! It was a fun, well-organized party with plenty of food and drink. The only bummer was the wind blowing dust from the gravel driveway on our equipment. We wiped off what we could while tearing down. I went back to dad’s and re-cleaned all my gear, including my guitar. Small price to pay for a fun afternoon and an evening off. She wants to book us again in ten years for her 80th!

The GMB band finished up the weekend on Sunday afternoon in Delevan at the Phoenix Park Bandshell. We played a 2-hour show from 3 – 5 with no break. Bob ran sound with help from Dawn Richter. It was a hot day and the little yellow fans were all over the stage. Speaking of which, GMB drummer, Steve Dougherty, gave Gary a new fan for his birthday! We had a good time and thank them for having us. And, Rainbow Bridge is playing there next Saturday! Gotta say that I forgot how heavy a Les Paul can be on the shoulder for 2 hours.

Another busy weekend coming up:
Friday – RB at June Days in Orfordville 7 – 9
Saturday – Cyndi & Gary will be at the Walworth County Dairy Breakfast 6:30 – 9:30 (Dang that’s early!)
RB will at the Delavan Concert in the Park 7 – 9
And the GMB will be at Boundaries on Sunday 3 – 7

Stop out and say hello!

On a personal note: Holly and I are celebrating 15 years on Thursday and planning on taking the bike up to the Dells. We’ve had quite a few rough spots, but we’re still together and doing fine now. She puts up with a lot and I love her more now than ever.

Sick / Countryview / Anchor Inn

No gig for me last week as I was too sick to play at Yetti’s on Saturday. Thanks to former member, Steve Doiel, for filling in. The schedule says Hammys was on Sunday. I don’t know the details of how that was handled. I don’t recall ever missing a gig in all my years of playing, but things happen.

No gig this last Friday for the band, but Cyndi has been busy! RB was back at the Countryview on Saturday and had a good night. A 21st birthday for Marcia and a bachelorette party made for a fun night. We used Bob’s “pole style” PA and it sounded great. Gotta say it felt good to be back playing again. Cyndi had a little trouble with her keyboard so husband, Bryan, ran home to get her other one. We got it all changed out and realized it was the wrong adapter so she changed back again to finish the night. She used her backup at the Anchor on Sunday.

We were at the Anchor Inn for the first time this year. Bob used his complete “big” PA setup for the first time, and again, it sound great. There’s a video (from a cell phone) on Facebook of “Say You Love Me.” Multi-talented and honorary member, Lucas Brookins, built PA stands for both sides that raise the speakers above the front stage wall. They look amazing! Lucas also played drums on a few. A big thanks to Dawn Richter, her son, Austin, Austin’s friend, and Lucas for all the help loading in and out – much appreciated.

Side story: Gary went back to his vehicle about 15 minutes before show time and dropped his drink in the grass and assumed his keys went with it. We were still combing through the grass right up to starting time when Gary found them in the ignition. Band friend, Bob Flaskamp, actually went home to get a rake! We had beautiful weather and a good turnout with both friends and family. Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

Gary’s birthday is June 10, so Friday at Hammys with the GMB – Gary has put out an invite to all musicians who have played a paying gig with him to sit in. It’ll be interesting to see who shows up. The extended hours are from 7 – 12  to help make sure everyone gets to play.

RB has a private party on Saturday.

On Sunday, the GMB is playing Delavan Concerts in the Park from 7 – 9.

Personal note: Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, popped the question to now fiancé, Jessica Greene! We’re happy for the both of them. (Wonder if they need a band?)

Stop out this weekend and wish Gary a “fifty four damn years old” birthday!

Hammys (GMB) / Countryview (RB)

GMB at Hammys on Friday with the “standard lineup”. Drummer, Steve Dougherty, has been touring / vacationing for a while and it was nice to have him back. It was a good crowd and good night. Curtis “Chainsaw” again recorded the show so we’ll see show that turns out. The odd thing was breaking a string in the last set. The last time I remember doing that was in my teens and before Rainbow Bridge! I’ve been using a different brand of strings that are designed to last longer, and they do. But it seems they’ll break before they sound bad! I brought 2 guitars so I just grabbed the other one. Dawn Richter was celebrating a birthday, so she and Bob stopped out.

Rainbow Bridge was back at the Countryview on Saturday. Bob has recently purchased a larger PA system and tried out a “portion” of it Saturday night. He moved from drum sets to PA equipment! Bob has been looking for a van to haul the new PA and some of his Craigslist stories of outdated pictures, spray paint and duct tape were quite entertaining. Although, it sounded a lot like the cars I’ve driven!
We had a great crowd with a lot of dancers and thanks to all who stopped out. Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few.

Sunday was, of course, Mother’s Day and dad’s 83 birthday. The band was off so after talking to dad and visiting mom’s site, I headed back to spend the day with Holly.

Busy weekend coming up starting with Friday at the Moose Club.
On Saturday, we’re playing at the Watering Hole for Doug Brookin’s birthday party. Cyndi (solo) and Doug’s friends from Nashville, Stone Silo, are also playing.
Stone Silo is playing Friday at the Willowdale and I see the plan is to head out there after the Moose Club.
Rainbow Bridge will be at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7.

I’d also like to say congrats to son, Corey Arnold, who’s graduating welding school and already has a good job waiting.
So proud and happy for him.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

Lucy’s / GMB @ Boxcars

No Friday gig this past week. This works out for me as I almost always take a few vacation hours on Friday to get to a gig. Holly and I went out for a fish fry at our favorite mom-and-pop restaurant.

Saturday had us back at Lucy’s Hideaway with a good crowd. A little bit of rain loading in, which is never fun. It looked like a few birthday parties as again, the place was full and there were kids running around with balloons. We used our smaller set-up this time and it sounded fine. It seems Bob has purchased a larger PA system and now needs a way to haul it. I guess we’ll see. Lucas Brookins was out and played a few. Gotta say that I got called out on my “older crowd” comment on the Countryview post. “Who are you calling old?” I was thinking it was in fun so I laughed about it, but then started wondering if it was serious! We want to say happy birthday to Gloria Dutcher, who has been following the band a long time. Thanks for stopping out and celebrating with us.

A bit of a scare setting up at Boxcars on Sunday with the Gary McAdams Band. I could not find my effects pedal case, even after searching the room and my car a couple of times. Panic was setting in when I heard Gary say, “Does it look like this?” Seems I left it in the parking lot at Lucy’s packing up Saturday. The band knew what happened and told Gary to “get some mileage out of it”. It was a fun afternoon with Tim Pogorelski on drums. Junior Moore, Brian Hughes and Blake Wheaton were all out and sat-in for few. I headed home afterwards.

The band is completely off this coming weekend; no GMB or side-jobs for me.

GMB is at Hammys on Friday the 12th and RB is back at the Countryview on Saturday.
Hopefully, we’ll get some new songs in soon. Plenty of time to practice this week!

I’m Back! / Moose / Countryview / Hammys / Moonlighting

Haven’t written in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Since the last RB gig there have been a few Gary McAdams Band gigs, did two gigs with the “Outlaw Legends” and a Hammys gig with the Tommy Larson Band.

The biggest news over the past weeks is Gary losing his voice after a Friday combo gig at Merrill & Houston’s. We played 4-piece the next night. Last Friday at the Moose, Gary brought in Jerry Dabson to help out with the vocals. Although, Gary was doing better and sang a handful of songs. Cyndi had a solo gig that night which left me as the basically the only solo instrument – challenging, but a lot of fun. Although, I did wind up trading a few leads with Jerry, who plays a straight-ahead melody style; an art in itself.

My two gigs as an Outlaw Legend were a 3-piece group, which I really enjoy. Both gigs; Lake Church Pub & Grill and the Plymouth Tap, went well. The biggest worry was the voice holding out as Pete (bass) and I did all the vocals and harmony. We should have some other dates when RB is off again. It’s mostly 70’ – 80’s country with some classic rock thrown in. Another “no practice” group as I was given a song list and did all my own homework.

Same situation with the Tommy Larson Band – song list and just show up. Russ Doiel was on drums and Tony Wisniewski, who I just met, was on bass. The group sounded really good and I had a fun time.

RB was back at the Moose on Friday and had a great night. Gary was pretty much back to full voice, but was careful just the same. Gotta say that it felt good to play with the band again.
It’s fun to play with other musicians, but it also makes me appreciate the players in the band. There’s no real substitute for years of practice and playing together.

We were at the Countryview on Saturday and had a good night. Jazz guitarist, Cliff Frederiksen, was out for a while and I had a chance to chat with him. Cliff is great player, and someone I truly respect. I’m glad we’ve become friends over the years. Gary left his capo there the last time we played, and they saved it for him! Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few. We kept it more on the “light side” on Saturday as it was an older crowd. I was reminded that we’re “older” and are becoming more appealing to that age group! Circle of life I guess.

We finished off the weekend on Sunday inside at Hammys to another good crowd. Beautiful day and a lot of people on the patio, but still a great day. Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

Cyndi is solo this Thursday at Conroy’s Pub & Grub.
RB is back at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday night.
The Gary McAdams Band is at Boxcar’s on Sunday afternoon with Tim Pogorelski on drums.

On another note, I see that this is the 10 year mark for this blog as the archive goes back to April 2007. Thanks to all (or anybody!) that actually reads this stuff!

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

Merrill & Houston’s w/ Gary / Fab 4 at Tasbagg

Friday night gig at Merrill & Houston’s with the Gary McAdams combo which featured Gary, Pat Betts, Pete Olig and myself. This was a fun and challenging gig for me being the only solo instrument. Pat and Pete are top-notch players, so this was a real treat. Here’s Gary’s write-up on Facebook:
Thanks! Always so good to see so many Fans, Friends & Fellow Musicians in the crowd! A special thanks to Bonnie Beck and her friend for stopping out and for the CR request. 😉 Also to Jay & Bobbie Stahl for celebrating their 38th anniversary with us. As well as many other folks. Great to have Teresa Swetland sit in for a couple and wow everyone, as well as David Keith Stewart play some guitar with us. And as always, a unique pleasure to share a stage and ART with Pete Olig, Pat Betts & Jeffrey Arnold. Thanks SO much to Jayme Braatz, Billy Braatz & all the team at Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint for all they do.
Gary was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, but sounded fine all night. There’s a video of “Stormy Monday” on Facebook.



Gary’s sickness got worse and he called in sick for our Rainbow Bridge gig at Tasbagg on Saturday. We had a good night with the 4 of us as everybody stepped up a notch, especially Cyndi, who did most of the vocals. Thanks to all who stopped out! A little confusion on the starting time, which turned out to be 9:00, but we were all there and early! No Sunday gig so I headed home afterward.
I’m playing tonight (Monday) at the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis. This will be our last one as the bar decided to end it. We’ve been getting good crowds and I enjoy getting to play with Milwaukee players. We’re looking for another venue.
Rainbow Bridge is off this weekend.
The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday from 8 -12 with John Cammilleri as Cyndi is playing at the Northleaf Winery in Milton from 7 – 10.
I’m playing a fill-in type gig on Saturday at the Lake Church Pub & Grill in Belgium, Wi with the band, “Outlaw Legends” from 8 – 12. Again, this will be a challenge as it’s a 3-piece, but I’m looking forward to it.


Again, thanks to all who support the band. We have some new songs in the works that I hope we can get to soon!

Hammys jam / Countryview

No gig on Friday. I took the day off as Holly and I attended an afternoon funeral. We also spent some time house re-organizing and got a lot done. I received a call Friday afternoon to play the Saturday Hammys jam, but I didn’t have my phone with me and heard the message late Friday night. I called back, but figured they had found someone by then. I was surprised to get a call early Saturday morning asking me to play. The band was Phil Trumpy, “Chainsaw” Curtis, Sully and myself. We had a few jammers, including Gary. There’s a video on Facebook of “Tennessee Whiskey”. We played from 2 – 6 and I packed up right away to get to the Countryview for the Rainbow Bridge gig.

We had another good night at the Countryview and thanks to all who stopped out. I’ll say again that this place has really picked up with the new owners. Lucas Brookins was out and sat-in on drums. No Sunday gig so I headed back to West Allis afterward.

Cyndi is solo at the Red Zone this Thursday from 6 – 9.
I’ll be playing with the Gary McAdams Combo along with Pete Olig and Pat Betts at Merrill & Houston’s from 7 – 10. This will be a challenge as I’ll be the only lead instrument!
Rainbow Bridge returns to Taasbag on Saturday starting at 8:30.
I’ll be playing the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis on Monday for the last time as the club is suspending the jam for now. It happens.

A big congrats to Bob Hamann for winning the President’s Club Award for his engineering work at WCLO/ WJVL!

Stop out this weekend and say hello!